A personalized deep-dive into your college application for admission.


Application for College Admission Review (Recorded Video)

I will look over your college application packet for admission and give you general feedback on how to strengthen your application to improve your chance for admission into ONE (1) college of your choice. This would include doing general research on ONE (1) college that you are applying to and looking at the written portions of your application to give general feedback – please note that this gig is NOT to edit your personal statement or writing sample for you, though I will let you know if I see glaring grammatical errors or formatting issues. I will also answer a total of 3 specific questions you have regarding your packet, the colleges that you are considering applying to, the majors you are considering, or other relevant questions.

(Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee my services will result in your admission into college – each application is reviewed by a committee of individuals who will make that determination based on their college’s criteria.)


Let’s boost your chances for college admission!