Academic Advisor – Student Success Coordinator – Graduate Student

Salutations! My name is Sara, and I am honored you have chosen me to be your Academic Advisor!

I have worked as an Academic Advisor for over 7 years at multiple institutions – a community and technical college as well as two universities. I am currently an Academic Advisor at a research I, southern university. I am also a member of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

As any Academic Advisor can attest: we have to be a jack-of-all-trades, one-stop-shop. As such, I also recruit – heavily. And in my particular position, I am responsible for admissions. I have worked with both undergraduate and graduate students; first generation; first-time freshman; both traditional and non-traditional; students of all different creeds, nationalities, sexual orientations, etc. Despite the nuances, one thing remains the same: my commitment to student success.

My passion for providing students with guidance related to their education goes beyond my employment. Rather, it comes from my own experience as a student. I received my B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy and am currently working on my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. I have not had a professional academic advisor in any of my programs. The consequences of which can be illustrated as follows: I had a faculty mentor at my undergraduate university. And as much as I adored him, he did not help navigate me through some of the more practical and pragmatic aspects of being a student – I almost didn’t graduate, because I didn’t know I had to fill out a graduation application!

I don’t want to see any student navigate the torrential waters of higher education blindly, as I did.

As such, I look forward to working with you! Please use my Contact page to reach out to me with any suggestions regarding my site layout and/or content, questions, concerns, and/or testimonials you may have regarding the help this site has provided you with.